Highest Paying Freelance Jobs For Earning

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  1. Programming And Software Development

Meet James Knight, a programmer who left a beneficial job at Google to pursue a profession in freelancing. Now, he makes over $1,000 an hour working as a freelance developer.

Programming jobs, specially software program and cell app development, will pay the absolute best for freelancers. Only due to the fact it’s a ability that’s quite tough to grasp and there aren’t many properly coders out there. So, the demand for top coders is tremendously high.

If you choose to make an earnings like James, begin getting to know to code. And I don’t suggest getting to know via free publications on CodeAcademy or Udemy. They’ll solely take you thru the basics. You’ll want to make investments some cash and time into gaining knowledge of and working towards to enhance acceptable coding skills.

  1. Social Video Marketing
    In a shock flip of events, a new talent is born—”social video marketing”. The talent ranked at the 1/3 area of the UpWork’s Q2 2019 fastest-growing competencies list. And for desirable cause as well.

A speedy search on the platform confirmed that this ability will pay over $150 per hour for marketers.

social-video marketing

It’s no shock that this talent is in excessive demand. Especially given the upward jostle of video content material marketing. The booming social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram video, and YouTube, will maintain this ability applicable for years to come.

  1. Web Design And Development
    According to an UpWork data report, PHP Development is the most in-demand talent of 2015. Web Design ranks at the seventh spot.

There’s magnificent demand for internet designers. But, it’s really worth noting that the freelance internet format enterprise is enormously crowded proper now due to the fact it’s convenient to examine net layout and begin coding websites. Heck, even I did some internet layout work for a whilst and began my very own net sketch agency. Spoiler alert! It didn’t go so well.

The fine method would be to locate a area of interest in the field. For example, Jonathan Wold made over $5,000 a month by means of constructing web sites with WordPress and doing small theme customizations. You’ll likely be capable to earn greater if you provide the proper variety of offerings to the proper clients.

  1. Content Marketing/Writing
    Thanks to the increase in on line advertising tendencies and the improvement of new methodologies, like Inbound Marketing, content material writing is now regarded as one of most up to date fields for freelancers.

Although, no longer each person can be a professional writer. You want to write a lot, examine a lot, and, greater importantly, you’ll want a innovative idea to write extremely good articles that pay well. Your master’s diploma in literature and the A+ essay competencies from university won’t do you any exact when working on-line either.

  1. Graphic Design
    Graphic format ranks at wide variety two on the UpWork’s most in-demand capabilities list. And if you seem to be at its pinnacle freelancers beneath the image diagram category, you’ll see some freelancers who make up to $85 per hour doing graph work.


Infographic format has greater demand these days. Logo design, icon design, and illustrations pay enormously nicely too. But, like with content material writing, to come to be a fantastic photograph designer, you’ll want to increase an eye for design.

  1. Copywriters
    Copywriters are exceptional from content material entrepreneurs and writers. These freelancers specialize in writing content material for internet site pages, descriptions for products, services, etc.

If you seem at UpWork’s listing of pinnacle copywriters, you’ll observe that they cost between $15 per hour to $100 per hour for copywriting jobs.

  1. Video Editors
    Freelance video editors in the US earns round $72,000 per year, whilst greater skilled video editors make round $122,000 per year.

The demand for video editors in the freelance enterprise noticed a upward thrust in the closing few years, thanks to the possibilities introduced by means of systems such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

If you’re accurate with inserting collectively video clips and growing exquisite video content, this should be a wonderful future-proof profession to get into.


Earnings for social media managers in the US vary from $46,000 per yr and up to $72,000 per year, in accordance to PayScale. A speedy search on LinkedIn added up over 9,000 job outcomes for Social Media Managers in the US alone. And over 2,000 jobs in India.

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