How Financial Advisor Improve Client Engagement

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  1. Use of Social Media Platforms

Social media is another medium which can help you reach out your clients. Platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can be used to share insights and showcase your expertise.

It can also provide you information on interests and opinions of your clients which can be helpful in your future interactions.

  1. Host An Event For Your Clients

Hosting an event for your client is another way to help you in client engagement. Events should be done keeping in mind their interests and hobbies, so as to make the client feel special.

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This will not only help in bringing the client to the event but also ensure that he stays at the event and let him know that you appreciate them.

  1. Use Technology To Your Advantage

Technology has changed the way we do business. It all boils down to have effectively and successfully one has embraced this in their business.

  1. Get To Know Your Client

As an advisor you are meant to keep a track of financial records of your clients but keeping a track of personal records of the client like birthdays, anniversaries, children, and other such information can help you build your relationship.

  1. Leverage On CRM To Improve Client Relationship

CRM is an excellent tool which can help advisors to improve their productivity. If used well it can help you in many ways effortlessly to keep you at the top of your client’s mind all the time.

Simple things like recording each and every personal and professional detail of your client, details of your meeting and scheduling next appointment help you engender client’s trust which will ultimate help build deeper relationships.

  1. Do Entire Financial Planning For Your Client

Instead of focusing on making a one-time connect with your client by offering them a product, advisors should focus on the big picture and do financial planning based on his individual needs and goals and then suggest products for investment.

  1. Focus On Events Which Are Life Changing

Regularly interacting with your clients not only helps you stay connected with them but also provides you the opportunity to be around them in events which require them to re-look their financial situation.

Birth of a child, higher education, marriage, discovery of an ailment are some of the events when they need the right advice from you and if they receive it from you they are likely to value the relationship more.

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